The very last reflection.. *sob*

1. What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes), and what specifically helped me learn it (activities, interactions, readings, videos, etc): (3-4 points) a. About myself I learnt that there is so much I didn't know in the digital world. I wasn't aware of just how dangerous the Internet can … Continue reading The very last reflection.. *sob*

My grant to CORE2096 (contribution)

The material in this course are seriously assets that I will forever keep, thats one of the main reasons my blog posts are so detailed and long, because I want to remember what assignments we were handed. However, if I was to put in a little touch of my own, it would definitely be the … Continue reading My grant to CORE2096 (contribution)

My 2-week virtual cultural experience (Soliya)

Soliya is a virtual social platform that involves the interaction of people all over the world through a video conference. It differs from Skype and other virtual platforms in that it is purely educational and informative, once you sign in, you select the time-slots that you're available at, and you're automatically assigned to a group … Continue reading My 2-week virtual cultural experience (Soliya)