The very last reflection.. *sob*

1. What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes), and what specifically helped me learn it (activities, interactions, readings, videos, etc): (3-4 points) a. About myself I learnt that there is so much I didn't know in the digital world. I wasn't aware of just how dangerous the Internet can … Continue reading The very last reflection.. *sob*


My 2-week virtual cultural experience (Soliya)

Soliya is a virtual social platform that involves the interaction of people all over the world through a video conference. It differs from Skype and other virtual platforms in that it is purely educational and informative, once you sign in, you select the time-slots that you're available at, and you're automatically assigned to a group … Continue reading My 2-week virtual cultural experience (Soliya)

Information Equity and Digital Redlining

Information Equity     “Access to accurate, useful information is central to everything we do. Thanks in part to the internet and smartphones, accessing information has become so simple that it is easy to forget its significance.” The author discussed how to do anything in our daily lives, we need good access to information, which … Continue reading Information Equity and Digital Redlining